ArcVera Renewables

We lead our renewable energy clients to confident decisions and maximum advantage by delivering accurate and trustworthy insights backed by advanced technical expertise and decades of global experience.

ArcVera Renewables provides high-quality technical services for wind and solar energy across the project-lifecycle in:

  • Prospecting
  • Development
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Repowering

Our team of atmospheric scientists, data analysts, and engineers are known for their expertise, precision, and reliability. Get to know us.

Proudly Introducing Our Name and Brand

There’s a powerful new team of experienced professionals in wind and solar energy and we go by ArcVera Renewables.

Our name represents forward movement underpinned by truth reflecting who we are and the clients we serve. In our design, bold letters and a vibrant color palette symbolize the vitality of our team and the industry. The transparent arc embodies our commitment to openness and accountability.

Read our brand announcement, 5/22/17
Read our merger announcement, 4/17/17

"Our industry relies on the rigorous and responsive work of experienced teams like V-Bar and Chinook Wind.
Tradewind Energy is excited to work with their new firm: ArcVera Renewables."

KEVIN WALTER, VP Meteorology - Tradewind Energy, Inc.